One of the biggest advancements in fishing lures made in the last twenty years was the introduction of mass-produced internally weighted soft plastics. They look great and swim with natural action. Drag one of the weighted Tsunami Sandeels used in this video through the water and you could be fooled into mistaking it for the real thing. A lot of stripers did on this trip. This lure is a must have if the fish are feeding on sandeeels.



Soft plastic stick baits such as SlugGos and Hogy Lures are often used successfully in the same settings as live and rigged eels. They have a unique and deadly gliding action when rigged on swimbait hooks. They also work well in deeper and fast moving water when rigged on a leadhead jig.



It’s very easy to rig a SlugGo or Hogy Lure on a swimbait hook. This video shows a 9-inch SlugGo rigged with a weighted 6/0 Owner Beast hook.